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Manila, Philippines

The Januarius Six-Spoke Wheel

Januarius Holdings Inc. (JHI) was established in 2008 as the personal asset management company of its Founder, Januario Jesus B. Atencio. It was founded on a firm belief that assets should not remain idle, and in fact, must be managed well to contribute significant value to society. JHI’s vision of asset management and stewardship is best captured by its logo – an Asian 6-spoke wheel where JHI’s assets must move in one direction, synergized at its core, capturing value and “creating decent profits decently”.

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Unit 705 BSA Twin Tower B
Bank Drive Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong city, Philippines

Tel. No.: (02) 8-241-4317

Email: JHI@januarius.ph

Today, JHI manages a USD 100 Million Dollar asset portfolio with diversified investments in SIX CORE AREAS: Real Estate, Equities, Securities, Venture Capital, Retail and Art.

Currently, JHI’s asset portfolio has four components, consistent with our Six Core Areas of investment:

  • 70% in dollar-denominated fixed income placements, peso-denominated debt instruments and Philippine Stock Exchange equities.
  • 15% in residential and commercial real estate.
  • 10% in ownership of companies that are either on-going concerns or startups at various stages of incubation.
  • 5% in an art and antiques collection of mostly Philippine masters, modern and contemporary art of mostly paintings, sculpture and furniture.

JJ Atencio


Upon his retirement in 2017 as President and CEO of 8990 Holdings Inc., and after helping grow the business to today’s largest and most successful mass housing home builders in the Philippines, JJ Atencio turned his focus to managing his personal assets held under his private asset management company – Januarius Holdings Inc.

With Januarius Holdings, Mr. Atencio is investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and technology-based start-ups that are already up and running, growing a stable clientele, with positive cashflows and have a clear dividend policy, and whose owners are looking for strategic investors who can provide not only new capital for expansion and growth, more value in terms of strategy, management advise and corporate governance.

“We want to focus on tech companies and SMEs because, while small business are the backbone of commerce and industry, SMEs and start-ups have a harder time getting institutional loans and capital. At the same time, they need more than just funding for growth, as they also need strategic guidance and corporate governance which we provide the companies we invest in. We are active investors who realize that investing in a company means investing in the people that run the business and also sharing in their vision.”

Mr. Atencio received the Outstanding Leaders in Asia Award from Singapore-based Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability in 2016, and was Finalist-Awardee for the 2015 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He received the Entrepreneurship and Excellence Award by BizNews Asia in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and the coveted Management Excellence Award in 2017.

Mr. Atencio is a graduate of the Ateneo De Manila University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1983. He pursued post-graduate studies in Applied Business Economics at the Center for Research and Communications – UA&P in 1986, and International Housing Finance at the Wharton Real Estate Center of the University of Pennsylvania in 2011. He completed the Executive Program of Singularity University, and is currently taking up the Owner-President Management Program (OPM53) at Harvard Business School.

Board of Directors

Alex Santos
Paolo Cagalingan
PE & Bus. Dev't
Patrick Wong


Paolo Seiferle

JHI’s Board of Directors is composed of a diverse group of businessmen, professionals and practitioners who are considered experts in their respective fields, and have been carefully chosen to provide strategy, advise and direction for JHI and its activities. Except for the Chairman and President, the Board is composed mainly of Independent Directors.

At the back of the organization is the JHI Operations Team that handles the day-to-day operations of JHI, who have been working with the Chairman for at least 10 years.

JHI Management Team

Chairman & CEO
Marcy Venezuela
Private Equity
Patrick Wong
Paolo Cagalingan
PE & Bus. Dev't
Audie Miclat
Chief Finance Officer
Almer Purganan
Chief of Staff
Jerry Austria
Kevin Tiambeng
Nicky Cruz
Real Estate
Benjie Sanvictores
Property Dev't
Adrian Cruz
Property Dev't


As of 2019, JHI’s corporate investments cover a diverse range of businesses that include investment banking, technology, recruitment, consumer goods and social enterprises.

JHI uses a well-defined selection criteria for possible equity investment: (1) organizational integrity, (2) originality of product, service and business model, (3) scalability, (4) positive cashflow, and (5) social inclusivity.

Of the 16 enterprises that JHI has ownership positions, 12 of them have elected JJ Atencio as Chairman of the board, with four (4) as CEO. Mr Atencio sits in the six other companies as Director.

Original Pitch Venture Capital (OPVC) is a venture-capital fund that identifies and provides seed capital for start-ups and existing business with a high growth potential. The main search and funding criteria are the originality the business idea, the capability of the founders to scale the business, and how the business aims to help solve the world’s greatest problems.

JJ Atencio is the Founding Partner and CEO of Original Pitch along with Atty. Ian Dato for the legal framework, Kevin Khoe for valuation and equities, and Magellan Fetalino and Francis Simisim for technology and start-up communities engagement.

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Premier Cleantech Solutions Inc. is a high growth privately held corporation engaged in the provision of enterprise solutions to businesses focused on energy efficiency and sustainability. The company has four divisions, and hundreds of satisfied clients ranging from small/medium sized enterprises to large multinational corporations.

Along with ongoing direct sales to marquis institutional clients and a significant revenue pipeline, Premier Cleantech works with world class partners for the implementation of its innovative proven products and services to significantly grow its revenue base throughout the region, and add measurable value to its clients energy saving goals.

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One Provider. One Subscription.

30+ Business Technology Solutions.

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At Tomizone, we have a love for technology and a passion for business. As a managed services provider our goal is simple: increase your bottom line, and harness your competitive edge by connecting you with your customers. Just about anything can be accomplished when the right technology is in play.

Our monthly subscription billing for all services makes even the most advanced technology solutions affordable and scalable for SMEs through to multi-site enterprise clients. We offer custom service plans that give you a predictable, consolidated fee for all of your hardware, software, email, backup, telephony and security requirements, along with best-in-class priority support.

The ACU Tokens serve as our answer to the growing demand for our services outside of our current consumer market. The purpose of our token sale is to accelerate more businesses with our services in the coming years through this revolutionary technology.

JJ Atencio - Chairman

Acudeen is a technology company enabling small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to finance their receivables ahead of time. Our online platform allows transaction to happen fast, from receivables uploaded, to cash within days. In Acudeen, we connect sellers of receivables to buyers willing to invest in them.

Our organization opens its business to SMEs looking to boost their cash flow, thereby answering an unsolved business need. The Service Acudeen provides through facilitating an invoice factoring procedure is a dynamic solution that can be utilized to improve and develop companies to help reach business potential. The quality of the service is backed by robust framework embedded on consumer satisfaction and experience.

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We are one of the leading e-payment processing solutions provider and a direct agent of Western Union. We currently provide e-payment and logistics services for major government agencies in the Philippines. We handle over 15,000 daily transactions servicing Filipinos across the archipelago.

I-Pay Commerce Ventures, Inc. has a joint venture agreement with a Malaysian company that has been constantly recognized by Forbes as one of Asia’s “Best Under A Billion” companies focusing on enabling government and large enterprises to offer services online supported seamlessly by a payment gateway and other value-added services.

Our vision is to enable government and enterprises provide its services through technology encompassing the internet, automation, big data and electronic payment.

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Social Light Inc. Provides Innovative Technology Products and Services
We create and distribute different solutions for both consumers & businesses to make technology more accessible.

focus on solutions that help businesses become sustainable thru repeat customer sales. We believe that a lot of the businesses leave a lot of opportunities on the table by simply not looking at their existing customer base to target. We know that we can add value to them by providing them a means to cultivate customer relationships thru the use of technology to get them repeat sales.

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Kiosk Adventure

Kiosk adventures is a tech startup founded by Filipino technopreneurs in mid-2017. It envisions to trailblaze the Digital Kiosk experience in the Philippines with an array of e-services. These will be widely distributed through a network of partner establishments targeting the millennial and Gen Z Filipinos. In August, Kioskadventures launched its first service offering, Phone2Prints - a kiosk where digital photos in smartphones can be conveniently uploaded, edited, and printed. These kiosks will be fully integrated with an e-business platform serving end users and businesses alike.

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The StillFresh spoilage-monitoring strip is a freshness guarantee used on both cooked and raw food. StillFresh uses its SpoilAlarm technology, which allows it to change in color upon the detection of spoilage. StillFresh is already intellectual property protected in the Philippines and in the USA.

StillFresh is easy-to-use, affordable and universal. You just attach it on your food container, store it, and check for spoilage.

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ServeHappy is an online job marketplace that caters to the Hospitality and Service Industry in the Philippines

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The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) is a community geared to promote financial literacy to improve the financial well-being of every Filipino. Founded by a diverse and passionate group of Pinoy investors and entrepreneurs in the different parts of the world, TGFI is in a quest to break the endless cycle of Filipinos mismanaging their wealth or entering the wrong investments due to the misgivings of a lack of proper financial education program in the country -- a consequence that often leads to broken dreams and broken families.

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The JHI ART COLLECTION contains more that 1,000 pieces of art work that include paintings, sculpture, antique and various objects de artes spanning classical pieces to contemporary art.

The collection focuses mainly on Philippine art from masteral works of Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, Fabian Dela Rosa, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and Jorge Pineda.

At the other end of the spectrum, works from contemporary artists such as Ronald Venura, Onib Olmedo, Ang Kuikok, Benedicto Cabrera, Romulo Olazo, Fernando Zobel can be found in the collection as well.

JHI has created a permanent art space in Muntinglupa, Metro Manila and publishes an annual coffee table book, the 2018 edition focusing on NATIONALISM AND THE ART OF JORGE PINEDA.

The newly renovated San Jose Seminary lobby, now called Atencio Hall, was solemnly blessed and dedicated last March 4, 2017. The hall is dedicated to Judge Oscar S. Atencio who is a law professor, Human Rights lawyer, and honorable judge while at the same time a lay minister, lector, Knight of Columbus, devout Catholic, and a faithful son of the Church. The renovation was made possible through the help of Januario Jesus “JJ” Atencio, son of the late Judge Oscar Atencio. Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal G. Tagle presided over the Eucharistic celebration together with Fr. William M. Abbott, SJ, Socius to the Provincial, as well as the San Jose Seminary formators.

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CHAIRS functions as an independent housing resource center designed to:

  1. Initiate and fund research/studies
  2. Establish a repository of data
  3. Mobilize academe and research professionals And
  4. Ensure sustainability and support for housing.
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A memorandum of agreement was signed by Mr. Januario Jesus Gregorio B. Atencio III, Chairman and CEO, Januarius Holdings Inc, and University President Jose Ramon T. Villarin SJ, to establish the “Dra Rosario Bustos Atencio Scholarship Fund for the Education of Public School Teachers,” an endowment for teacher development in the Ateneo de Manila University, starting in School Year 2018-2019. The agreement was signed at the Boardroom, 2F Xavier Hall, Ateneo Loyola Heights main campus, on May 7, 2018. Read more...