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Through art, I have been fortunate to witness not just talent and great creativity, but also to experience the excitement of discovering different perspectives and world-views. I have always felt that all artworks are an open invitation to us to go on a unique journey, allowing us to appreciate the world of each artist from where he sits. That is the journey we all travel with art. And as we join each artist on his journey, our lives becomes so much more enriched. 

They say that we choose an artwork to be part of our collection. I believe it’s the other way around. The artwork chooses you. It is the artwork that comes alive, takes your mind and tugs at your heart, making an intellectual and emotional connection so strong that it gives you no choice but to take it home. - JJ Atencio 2017


  • Contains more than 2,000 pieces of art work that include paintings, Fixtures / sculptures, antique and various objects de artes spanning classical pieces to contemporary art. 
  • The collection focuses mainly on Philippine art from masteral works of Vicente Manansala, Juan Luna, Benedict Cabrera, Fernando Amorsolo, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Fabian Dela Rosa, and many more.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, works from contemporary artists such as Ronald Venura, Onib Olmedo, Ang Kuikok, Benedicto Cabrera, Romulo Olazo, Fernando Zobel can be found in the collection as well.
  • Together, the works underline the power of art, not just in reflecting love of country but also in inspiring and nurturing it.